Financial Planning Week – Interview with Paul Nazareth, VP Education and Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners

“Really having an advisor to help a client articulate what they want to do, set some goals, and even open up some dreams…that’s where strategy and planning comes in. That’s what advisors can do – they build – they build financial security, and they build philanthropic dreams, and they make them come true”

Paul Nazareth

It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to talk with Paul Nazareth, from the CAGP (Canadian Association of Gift Planners). Paul spoke about his 3 wishes based on his extensive experience in the charitable giving sector. Within CAGP he has been working diligently to attract and provide ongoing support to charities and financial advisors.

Paul believes strongly that storytelling can make a difference and we all need to share our own stories about the gifts we are leaving in our wills and the impact we want to have with those gifts. Our discussion about moving from inspiration to aspiration along with differentiating between fundraising and planned giving was inspiring!

Financial Planning Week, Nov 16-23 2020 is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and benefits of professional financial planning for Canadians. My focus this week has been to highlight the importance of integrating planned giving into the financial planning process, and to have meaningful conversations around addressing the philanthropic needs of clients, opportunities that are being missed in traditional financial planning.

Information Is Power – it’s important to begin imagining how we as financial advisors can support charities and our clients, while making a greater impact on the world. Financial planning week is the perfect opportunity to engage in these conversations and educate ourselves, and the industry as a whole.




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