Financial Planning Week – Interview with Greg Pollock, President and CEO of Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

“My wish is that as young people achieve greater financial literacy through school and initiatives like Financial Literacy Month, that they will continue learning to value money in a way that will help them understand the importance of philanthropy later on in life”

Greg Pollock

What a pleasure to speak with Greg Pollock, President and CEO of Advocis – The Financial Advisors Association of Canada. I have been a member of Advocis since I started my career as a Financial Advisor over 22 years ago.

Advocis provided me with a community of like-minded Financial Advisors who adhere to our motto of non solis nobis – which translates to “not for ourselves alone” meaning we are here to be of service to Canadians who want and need our help.

Greg spoke excitedly about Advocis’ learning from kids video series that will be launched as part of Financial Literacy Month and the importance of considering not only our personal legacy but also the philanthropic goals and legacy of our businesses and corporations.

The core message is that together we can make an enormous difference in the world when we focus on philanthropy and planned giving as an integral component of financial planning.

Financial Planning Week, Nov 16-23 2020 is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and benefits of professional financial planning for Canadians. My focus this week has been to highlight the importance of integrating planned giving into the financial planning process, and to have meaningful conversations around addressing the philanthropic needs of clients, opportunities that are being missed in traditional financial planning.

Information Is Power – it’s important to begin imagining how we as financial advisors can support charities and our clients, while making a greater impact on the world. Financial planning week is the perfect opportunity to engage in these conversations and educate ourselves, and the industry as a whole.




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