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It’s time for a change.

For too long the wealth management community has been an old boys club, underserving women and couples who want better choices, better communication, and a financial plan that lines up with their unique life goals.


Women like you want to understand the process and be empowered and in control.

Tough life transitions like the death of a loved one, navigating an inheritance, divorce, dealing with a blended family, and planning for succession or retirement are realities that need a personalized approach.

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Create a clear plan mapped to YOUR unique life journey


Demystify the process (and the terminology!)


Ask the right questions and gain control


Resolve money issues and protect your family


Make your dreams a reality

Betty-Anne’s approach to financial and legacy planning is realistic, highly ethical and effective. I particularly appreciate her focus on long-term goals and financial literacy. A bonus: Betty-Anne is smart and funny!

Jenny Ellison

Curator, Canadian Museum of History

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Hi, I’m Betty-Anne

Before becoming a financial planner, I worked for almost two decades in social work, teaching, and counseling.

One of the most important parts of that work is asking questions, and learning as much as you can about a person’s unique needs, strengths, challenges, and dreams for the future.

I’ve always felt driven to bring that same holistic and respectful approach to the financial services sector.

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Here’s How We Can Work Together


We discuss your unique situation and goals


We create a clear plan for your financial journey


You feel confident, secure, and sleep well at night!


The Woman's Financial Game Plan

7 Strategies to find the right advisor, understand your choices, and feel empowered

You’ve come to the right place if you are yearning to thoughtfully connect your use of resources to what really matters in your life today and for all those tomorrows

Christie Andrus, CEO

Human Factor Leadership

Betty-Anne is not just a financial planner – she inspires people to live their truth and then teaches them how to carve out a financial path that aligns with their core values

Jackie Porter

Speaker, Financial Strategist

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More is possible with your money, assets and wealth than you thought.

Make confident, meaningful decisions with your money, and maybe even change the world doing it.

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