Lori’s Story

Here is a real life story by a woman whose life was transformed by Dr. Maria Nemeth, author of the book The Energy of Money. This is her journey to Making her Dreams a Reality. I too was inspired and motivated by both Maria’s book and the DVD produced by Lori Savage and Masterful Living Productions. – Betty-Anne

Me and The Energy of Money

Part 1

Friends who organized a study group introduced me to the book The Energy of Money written by Maria Nemeth Ph.D., about a decade ago. I remember leaving that group one night knowing my life would never be the same. If you had asked me how it would change in that moment I probably couldn’t have told you specifically. Looking back it wasn’t my life that changed or even me that changed, what changed was my perspective.

I was viewing the world with new eyes; I saw that I could change what I saw, simply by changing the way I looked at it.

I had ah ha moment after ah ha moment – my relationships transformed, I suddenly had a sense of spaciousness, something I had never known before. Looking back, I think I tended to put my little head down, hold my breath and try to make things happen a lot. I wanted MORE. The universe said yes.

Within the year, though a wonderful synchronistic chain of events, I found myself sitting in a room in front of Maria Nemeth. I had received a partial scholarship to attend her Mastering Life’s Energies course in Sacramento. I was mesmerized by her interactions with the group.

I thought, “I don’t know what she is doing, but she is doing something and I need to learn how to do it too.

After that course I approached her and told her how wonderful and life changing her work was and how I had studied various things for years, but never had the results I was having with her work.

I asked Maria why she wasn’t on PBS, why didn’t everyone know her name and work? How could something this amazing not be better known? I told her she should capture her work on camera so the whole world could see her work.

I was probably a bit annoying, but I didn’t let that dampen my enthusiasm. I continued to ask these same questions for the next 2 years as I studied to become an Academy for Coaching Excellence Coach. Right before I graduated she finally turned to me and said, “You should make that happen for me.”

GULP – Me? Eh… That wasn’t really what I meant… at that point I am sure she probably thought that was the end of it, but in reality it was just the beginning. The dream was in place.

Part 2

MonkeymindA goal is born, but first a message from “Monkey Mind”

…and do you have a block in you lap?

Oh my God I have no idea how to produce a video…

It cost how much to produce a video? YIKES.

Investors? Why would people invest in someone who clearly doesn’t know what she is doing?

The first hitch in the giddy up: the realization that I know nothing about producing a video and it take a lot of money to produce a video… despite the cry’s of Monkey Mind (a Buddhist term used to describe the mind swinging from worry to doubt and back to worry again ) to STOP!! – I kept going. I had just graduated from the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Maria taught me well. I had tools to use and a way of proceeding. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that Monkey Mind, despite the uncomfortable feelings that often accompanied it, was actually a GOOD thing. When you hear Monkey Mind objecting, it is sign you are up to something big. I learned to acknowledge my Monkey Mind and say to myself “nevertheless”, focus on my intention and keep going. I learned about SMART goals, and how to anchor my dream in physical reality.

I also learned to be careful of metaphors! How often do we use metaphors to describe our experience? They are useful in that capacity, the trouble comes in when we start to believe them and act as if they are true. When I felt blocked, I remembered that it was only a feeling – it wasn’t true, there was no block in my lap or path. I was either taking action or I wasn’t. I learned to hold my intention uppermost in my mind and hold my plan lightly. I learned to remain clear, focused and take small steps consistently in the direction of my dream. Now I would have the chance to apply all I had learned.

Another important note: Remember it never looks the way you think it will. Any big dream always takes more time and energy then you imagine. Knowing this gave me spaciousness. I didn’t get frustrated and spend time thinking it was supposed to be some other way. I learned to be creative, and flexible and to breathe deeply and even enjoy the process.

Part 3

Hey this stuff really works bring it on! I can do this… !

There we many times things didn’t look the way I wanted, it was a long process and a lot of work, but using the principles I learned through The Energy of Money and Maria Nemeth it got done with Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace.

Today we have a beautiful DVD – “The Energy of Money – Would it be okay with you if life got easier?” that was produced using all the principles taught in the DVD, Executive Producer Lori Savage – that’s me!

If you had told me I would be a partner with Maria Nemeth way back when I first read the book The Energy of Money and I would end up producing a DVD, I would not have believed you…. “Nevertheless”.

Lori Savage

Lori Savage

S&J Training Solutions

Lori Savage is a certified Life Coach. She is a graduate of The Academy for Coaching Excellence, an internationally recognized and accredited Coach Training School located in Sacramento CA. Since graduating in 2006 she has worked extensively with Dr. Maria Nemeth, founder of The Academy for Coaching Excellence, and the author of the book, The Energy of Money.

Lori’s passion for the power of Coaching and The Energy of Money led her to produce the Energy of Money DVD with Dr. Nemeth. Her sincere desire to bring this work to the largest possible audience comes from her own experience. It is her mission to teach the tools she learned to others, so that they can make their unique contribution to the world. Lori likes to say she has the best job in the world! It is her greatest Joy to support people on their hero’s journey, and a privilege to witness people reaching for the next level in their lives, and achieving their dreams with Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace.

Lori lives in Southern California with her Husband Don, and there three pups Barnum, Bailey, and Maggie. If you are interested in knowing more about how working with a coach can support you on your Journey please feel free to contact Lori at coachlorisavage@gmail.com or you can call her at 626-993-7096.

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