Can You Live for Today While Planning For the Future?

Can You Live for Today While Planning For the Future?

As a financial planner, creating a financial plan that allows for living for today while taking steps to plan for the future is my goal. This applies not only to my clients but for my own life as well.

How can you live for today while planning for the future? 

I often hear this question posed in different ways. It always comes down to finding that delicate balance between making the most of the present while still being prepared for the future. Not an easy pose to hold. 

Having said that, the two are intricately woven together. Sadly, too many of us don’t seem to get that! 

Without achieving this balance, we could neglect important legacy planning tasks for the future. That’s why I’ve shared 4 important realities about dying without a will on my blog as well. 

Believe it or not, this is a lesson we can learn from horses (along with many others). I had no idea how powerful horses could be in teaching me lessons about how I show up in the world and challenging me to keep trying, never giving up. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. 

What we can learn from horses.

Financial planning is looking ahead, looking up at where you are headed, and becoming aware of your destination. On a horse, if you look down at the ground, you could end up there. 

While you ride, you try your best to always look where you’re going, with your eyes directed ahead, trusting and knowing that that is what the horse needs to get you there.

One step at a time, small goals, small bites, looking ahead, mindful of where you are going. 

But the key is being mindful of where you’re going rather than focusing on it entirely. Instead, you need to live for today. 

Living in the moment.

Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and sometimes one moment at a time. What’s the alternative? Living in the past? The future? Neither will get you where you want to go. 

It’s the tenacity—the momentum from each day—that can propel you forward. 

Each day, in my business, I try to focus on what I need to do that day, trusting in that moment that I can make my dreams a reality. 

After all, if you’re doing your best, there is no failure. We all make mistakes and there is important learning from those mistakes. 

There are no mistakes, only retakes. Like in the movies or on TV shows, even the bloopers can sometimes be the best part. 

Financial planning takes time and energy, and at times you will fall down. A plan will include contingencies—what to do when you encounter a hurdle (a blooper) along the way. 

Part of planning for contingencies means having savings put aside for your future. There’s no doubt this can bring an incredible sense of peace and calm to your life. Here are some of my top tips for planning for a financially secure future. 

The power of forgiving yourself.

I have had many setbacks in my personal life and in my business. Each time the temptation is to say, “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I get it?” Instead, after I’ve licked my wounds I stand back up, get back in the saddle, and ride. 

If you’re focused on your past actions and what you wish you’d have done differently, you can’t truly live for today. So, how can you move on and forgive yourself? Again, we look to horses for guidance. 

Horses forgive almost instantly, and they only remember trauma when it is triggered. They live in the present moment, they don’t think about the past or the future. 

If you can forgive and don’t forget, are you really forgiving? 

You are actually forgiving yourself, your piece in what happened. In some ways, people blame themselves, based on their story. In order to move forward in your life and live for today, forgive yourself first. 

Live for today.

Living life to its fullest can surprise and amaze us. 

In so many ways, it really is the little things that matter most, creating meaning and purpose in our lives—all the things that money actually can’t buy: a shared spontaneous laugh with a loved one, hearing a baby gurgle and coo, watching a puppy play, supporting your friend or mother who is finished her chemo treatments and is going to live! 

Consider financial planning as a tool to give you peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of in the future. With that out of the way, you can truly focus on THIS day and THIS moment and making the most of it. 

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss planning for your financial future so you can enjoy today, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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