Financial Planning Week 2020

Information Is Power

It’s important to begin imagining how we as financial advisors can support charities and our clients, while making a greater impact on the world. Financial planning week is the perfect opportunity to engage in these conversations and educate ourselves, and the industry as a whole.

Betty-Anne Howard Interviews

Financial Planning Week, Nov 16-23 2020 is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and benefits of professional financial planning for Canadians. My focus this week has been to highlight the importance of integrating planned giving into the financial planning process, and to have meaningful conversations around addressing the philanthropic needs of clients, opportunities that are being missed in traditional financial planning.

By “waving my magic wand” in these interviews, I invited my guests to make 3 wishes for the future of financial planning and philanthropic giving in Canada. The reality is that the majority of Financial Planners and Advisors have not yet fully integrated planned giving into the financial planning process, and that high net worth Canadians want to have these conversations.

I believe that Financial Advisors can play a major role in enhancing the impact of all charities and foundations by ensuring that meaningful conversations are taking place within all aspects of the planning process. When we join the CAGP and have these conversations within Advocis, our professional association, we can make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.


Financial Planning Week Interviews

Greg Pollock, President and CEO, Advocis – The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

“My wish is that as young people achieve greater financial literacy through school and initiatives like Financial Literacy Month, that they will continue learning to value money in a way that will help them understand the importance of philanthropy later on in life”

Interview with Greg Pollock

Mary Lynne Stewart, National Director of Philanthropy, March of Dimes Canada

“I think Financial Planning is a wonderful thing, and for any non-profit it’s a wonderful partnership, because you can talk to donors in a way that we can’t, and you can give that concrete, good advice so that they can look after the things they care about”

Mary Lynne Stewart March of Dimes Canada

Paul Nazareth, VP Education and Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP)

“Really having an advisor to help a client articulate what they want to do, set some goals, and even open up some dreams…that’s where strategy and planning comes in.  That’s what advisors can do – they build – they build financial security, and they build philanthropic dreams, and they make them come true”

Interview with Paul Nazareth

Al Roberts, Managing Director, Almonte General Hospital / Fairview Manor Foundation

“So many people still don’t know that they can play such an important role in the quality of healthcare that they receive from their local hospitals…people’s investments in their local hospitals through philanthropy, through planned legacy gifts really determines the quality of healthcare that their families and community will receive on an ongoing basis.”

Interview with Al Roberts

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